Fiction: "The Badlands" 
subTerrain, Fall 2016
First Place Winner of the 2016 Okanagan Short Story Contest

"I know for most of the children on that missing persons poster it wasn’t the same. They could be dead. Buried in a forest or chopped up in some basement. Or maybe they’re still out there, missing. Maybe I am too. But what I’ve learned is you’re not missing if no one’s looking for you."


Fiction: "Rutabaga"
FRiGG, Fall 2015

"When Meg met Russ she had gained back the weight, but secretly struggled with her thoughts. Every swallow was a stone. She had to relearn the pull of hunger and the brim of appetite, natural signs she had numbed." 


Fiction: "Penelope"
Analogue, Fall 2015
First Place Winner of the 2015 Beer and Bloomsday
Short Fiction Contest

"At precisely this time last night Leo stormed in on her and Helen cuddled on the couch. Thank God I thought you were with some guy. He gestured to the jeep in the driveway. Clotted hair at the nape of Helen's neck the only evidence of what they were up to."


Fiction: "Valparaíso"
Room, Winter 2013

"Maybe it's the fog that's so heavy it brushes against my cheeks like animal breath. Or maybe it's the kaleidoscopic things this city does to dawn: shadows wander like black ghosts, buildings change colours as I pass, rhinestones trickle down dumpsters and twist up telephone poles to unimaginable heights."